Day Camps

Day Camps start Monday morning with introductions, basic throwing and catching instruction, and plenty of sunscreen. Name games, relay throwing, and fun icebreakers give campers lots of opportunities to get to know one another.  Monday is filled with frisbee tennis, ZOMBIE!, drilling fundamentals, and scrimmaging in the afternoon.

Tuesday, campers are grouped into teams and begin preparation for the weekly camp tournament. Teams learn fundamentals and strategy together, play fun games like Galaxy Wars and disc golf, and scrimmage other teams.

Each team is led by a pair of coaches and, by working in smaller groups, campers receive one-on-one learning opportunities and even more personalized feedback.

Day Camps culminate with tournament play and individual skill competitions on Friday. After the final games, teams meet one last time and coaches award MVP, Spirit Award, and Most Improved. Each camper receives an award and everyone shares their favorite experiences from the week.

Kids leave Capital Ultimate Camp with an improved knowledge of ultimate, stronger relationships, and maybe a darker tan!

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