About Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a unique 7v7 disc sport that combines skills from a variety of sports to create one awesome team game. The object of the game is to score in the other team’s endzone and when a player catches the disc, they set a pivot foot like in basketball. Players work together to cut, create space, and pass down the field to score. Effective teams quickly change the angle of attack like in soccer and the positioning and footwork share similarities with football.

The beauty of frisbee is it can be enjoyed as a leisure activity, a competitive sport, or somewhere in between. CUC combines the best of both worlds, giving campers structure to improve their skills, as well as plenty of goofy games and activities.

Built into the rules of ultimate is the idea of Spirit of the Game. Spirit is developed in every aspect of the game but best exemplified by the idea of self-officiating. Players call their own fouls and violations, often putting them in situations to build conflict resolution skills at an early age.  Every player is taught to respect their teammates, their opponents, and themselves.

At Capital Ultimate Camp, coaches lead discussions about communication, problem solving, and Spirit of the Game. Campers resolve disputes over fouls and violations with each other under careful supervision. In these situations, coaches serve to explain the rules and act as mediators only when necessary. Self-officiating creates opportunities for players to engage with one another, form respect, and develop strong communication skills.