Summer Sessions 2021 – What’s Up with Covid?

We will follow all CDC/Virginia/Arlington safety guidelines. We don’t know for sure what those will be come summer, but we will follow them. Here is what we are planning as of now (April 2021)

Day Camps

All participants will be masked.

All staff will be vaccinated.

Campers will do a daily symptom questionnaire and be expected to stay home if they or any family member has symptoms.

As much as possible campers will be kept outdoors, physically distanced, and separated into pods. 

Discs and hands will be washed/sterilized multiple times during the day.  

Bayside Overnight, All of the above plus:

All participants will be required to have a completed vaccination or a negative covid test

Sleeping only 1 or 2 to a room. 6+ feet apart. Head to Toe alignment, not head to head. 

Meals will be eaten outdoors if possible. If its raining we will eat indoors but in dispersed cohort arrangements.

Bathrooms will available to small cohorts and cleaned regularly. Personal toiletries will be carried in hand (toothbrush will not be put down on surfaces).